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 Welcome to our New Online Home

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PostSubject: Welcome to our New Online Home   Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:20 am

Welcome, friends of Southampton MCC! Very Happy

I say "new" home, although as you'll see from the dates of the stickied topics, I've had the place up and running for about five years already, for just such an occasion as this - should we ever need a fresh start in pastures new.

Our previous home has served us well all these years, although it has to be said that the software was very basic, and outdated in its format and layout by some orders of magnitude. Wink This one has a much more modern and funtional feel to it, certainly on the Admin side of things, and indeed its aesthetic value too. Sadly though, the old place has become utterly over-run by trolls, and with it being such an antiquated piece of kit, we're extremely limited in our methods of controlling the situation.

It was mildly amusing at first, when it was just a few loons playing clearly 'fake' Mornington Crescent games and blatently obviously just making it all up as they went along...  Laughing But the escalations over the last couple of months have led to more trolling posts than genuine ones, and in particular a poisoning of the relaxed and respectful atmosphere we've always shared.  Rolling Eyes

It has reached the stage where all hope of running a serious (albeit obviously fun) Mornington Crescent Club and being able to enjoy playing the Great Game together online and just talking amongst ourselves whilst away from the Clubhouse - has become such a tiresome and burdenous task, that something had to be done to restore our wonderful little haven as the relaxing and invigorating community that it always used to be; before the recent ridiculous influx of inspid internet trolls began to spoil our enjoyment of meeting up together.

I have sent out emails with this new address to all of our currently registered Grand Masters, Masters and Official Representative SMCC Players. General Club Members will get their emails over the course of the next few days, as time allows. But I wanted to get all of our important core members settled in first.

Please sign up under your existing usernames to avoid any confusion. Wink

The plan is, to keep this new place on the quiet for the foreseeable future. So please do not give out the link to anyone other than Registered Southampton MCC Members that you know personally. Though you really do not even need to be doing that - as I'll be taking care of this myself, and will ensure that everyone who is meant to be here gets a welcome email.

Unfortunately we really are starting over from scratch, and we'll obviously not have any of our old post counts carried over from the old BBS - but we'll just have to suck it up and embrace the change and a fresh new start. There really wasn't any other alternative.

Enjoy our new home, get settled in, work on your profiles when you can, and things will hopefully start picking up over the coming days as more of our Club Members begin to find their way here.

As always, any questions, then please feel free to ask. Very Happy

Dr. Sebastian Carrington

(Southampton MCC Chairman)
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Welcome to our New Online Home
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