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 Welcome to Southampton Mornington Crescent Club

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PostSubject: Welcome to Southampton Mornington Crescent Club   Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:43 pm

Firstly, please allow me bid you a warm welcome, to Southampton Mornington Crescent Club.

We are very happy to have you here with us.

Although Southampton MCC has been established for a great many years, due to the rapidly increasing popularity of the esteemed game of Mornington Crescent, we recently decided that it was about time we had an "online presence".

We all have busy lives (well, most of us do anyway), so we felt it would be nice to have a place where our members can still communicate with each other and discuss all things MC, without having to leave the sanctity of their own homes and head for the Clubhouse.

Whilst we are still in the early stages of developing this Forum, we are hopeful that you will still find it to be an enjoyable and informative place to visit and share your love of "The Great Game". We are always happy to hear any suggestions you may have of how you feel we could improve the place, so if you have any, please feel free to pop them in the "Suggestions Box" at the Front Desk.

Many thanks.

We hope that you will enjoy your time here, and help us to create a warm and friendly community of fellow Mornington Crescent lovers.

Best Regards.

Dr. Sebastian Carrington

(Southampton MCC Chairman)
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Welcome to Southampton Mornington Crescent Club
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